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The Nordic Journal of Systematic Reviews in Education (NJSRE) is an international peer reviewed research journal focusing on systematic review studies in education globally.

Systematic reviews compile, synthesize and re-analyze already existing primary research (or already published systematic reviews) to create a better basis for decision making, policy and practice or development of theory. Systematic reviews can also provide an overview of the knowledge gaps and can contribute to enhanced quality in research.

NJSRE welcomes various forms of high-quality systematic reviews, as well as protocols for systematic reviews related to a broad range of research relevant for education and educational policy. Types of reviews considered for publication include reviews with a thematic synthesis, with meta-analyses, qualitative evidence synthesis or meta-synthesis, systematic scoping reviews, evidence gap maps, and syntheses of systematic reviews. NJSRE is an open-access scholarly journal that publishes manuscripts in English and in the Scandinavian languages (i.e., Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish). Articles are made freely available online, and the journal does not charge fees for article processing. Authors retain copyright, and all articles are published under the Creative Commons CC-BY license (currently version 4.0).